Kominka (old house) Ocha (green tea)Café Yamaguchiya

Kominka (old house) Ocha (green tea)Café Yamaguchiya

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This Tasteful Café Used to Be a Japanese Style Hot Spring Hotel. Take a Break in Our Giant Lobby!

The Kominka (old-style house) Café was built 150 years ago, and retains the feel of the good old fashioned hot spring hotel. You’ll feel a blast from the past with the hotel’s rustic interior. Enjoy Kibizenzai (red bean soup with millet dumpling), Goheimochi (skewered sweet rice cakes served with soy sauce and miso), Soba (buckwheat noodles), Udon (thick Japanese wheat noodles), and more around the Irori (hearth on the floor).

Irregular holidays.Kominka (old house) Ocha (green tea)Café Yamaguchiya

340-3 Senzu, Kawanehon-cho Town, Haibara–gun, Shizuoka Pref.
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